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Willian en Lindsay

About  Lindsay

Lindsay is a therapist who mainly works with the softness and feminine intuitive side of humanity. She will bring you back to your body wisdom,to the sensitivity that each carries within and to your core: your potential that shows itself, and that wants to be fully utilized again. The methods she uses are; family constellations, chakra healings, human design and guided meditations.

about Willian

Above all else, Willian is an energetic life coach, bubbling with insights and wisdom he likes to share with you. A life coach who goes into depth with you and makes you enthusiastic, motivates and inspires you to start living your life to the fullest again. Willian has a past in management jobs for more then 20 years and has followed various trainings and courses in the field of intuitive coaching - Chakra healings, ho´oponopono, guided meditations and energy constellations

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