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When you experience a good connection with yourself, making choices becomes easier. Then you know where you want to go and that gives peace of mind.


But how do you do that?


How do you make a choice without regret, guilt, shame and doubts? Are you good at making good choices for yourself?



'' The degree of peace you experience determines how happy you are ''

what's in it for you

Make choices that make you happy. Hence, they are going to be choices IN happiness.


Whatever choice you make, it will be a choice without guilt, shame or regret. And that yields a lot!


Because if you make choices from a correct connection with yourself, that will lead to;


With everyone around you


Between rest and activity In the right environment

Inner wisdom

Understanding and spirituality


With the source, creativity, inspiration

Life mission

Doing work what you enjoy, getting satisfaction out of it

Inner peace

Less stress by following your unique potential


Stand behind your choice with confidence and make a difference

Half a year later

With a half-year program, you give yourself plenty of time to make a real change possible. You will work with your wishes, your dreams and perhaps also create your most ideal life. This takes time and has not been realized today or tomorrow. Because we (Lindsay and Willian) have already walked the "path of great changes", we can offer you a faster, more concrete way than if you have to figure this out yourself. After six months you will know how you can create more peace for yourself, and therefore there is automatically more room for happiness.


Choices and connection

Not knowing what you want does not immediately mean that you are dealing with an identity crisis. However, if you do not know exactly who you are, this often makes it more difficult to make a choice. But establishing a good connection with yourself is going to help you make the RIGHT choices. Making a good choice therefore starts with connecting with yourself.

1. Who am I?

2. What is my direction?

3. How am I going to make my dreams come true?


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In this way she creates clarity so that the maximum can be obtained from the setup. A bit of aftercare is also part of her services. So even if your setup is still working (violently) you can contact her. In short, a nice person who knows what she is doing.



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A Human Design Reading

A family-system constellation for elucidating old patterns

A workbook with which you immediately learn to put the acquired knowledge into practice

In-depth coaching for guidance in the intensive process


The difference between fear and love

Connection from fear

This means that we very often make choices that do not come from within ourselves, but that are inspired by others: from the past (your childhood environment), your present (today's society or environment) or from your future at the moment you fear that you could make the wrong choices and how people will respond.


If these factors influence you in making your choices, you are making choices from a connection of fear. Then you make choices based on a connection of uncertainty. The Law of Attraction will bring you exactly on the path you are so afraid of: a choice that will go wrong with a condemnation from society or your environment.

Choice from love

What if you could no longer let these factors determine your choices? That you dare and can make choices based on your real Self? By which we mean that you learn and dare to make choices that originated from your intuition, from your inspiration instead of from your old programming. That you learn and dare to make choices without fear of the consequences and whereby you “make choices” and learn to respond flexibly to the consequences so it becomes an adventure?


Where you learn to be very flexible when unexpected consequences come your way and you are able to adapt and make a new choice that suits the circumstances that present themselves with the greatest of ease. Without fear and with a lot of confidence in yourself and with the patience to manifest whatever you want.



With a lot of love and pleasure we have put together a training for this. Because we are convinced that your world would be more beautiful if you could make choices that are right for you. We would love to tell you more about it! Our life has already been changed by it, and yours can too!