Human Design in short;

Human Design hands you the opportunity to get a better understanding of yourself. The most incredible thing about Human Design is the tremendous amount of recognition it offers. Human design is not just a theory. It is a combination of knowledge, wisdom, and modern science. HD is an interpretation of how the position of the planets affects us. The moment you entered this world, all our surrounding planets were in a particular place in space. The exact position of the planets created an image – you could call it a screenshot of the early moments of your life here on earth. Through Human Design, you will reach more profound levels of self-understanding.

You will not just gain insights into your qualities, pitfalls, and unique talents. You will also learn how your environment is affected by energetical influences. HD offers an insight into how you experience your emotions, make the right choices, and helps you understand your unique way of navigating life.

Throughout Human Design, you will create more self-awareness to get back in touch with your true self. You gain insights into where your conditioning played and still plays a significant role in your life. You can experience more success which allows you to take the highest steps towards fun & flow in all aspects of your life.

Human Designs can also be precious for entrepreneurs. It shows you how marketing does (or doesn’t ) work for you. What draws clients to you as a person? What is the best way of creating your products and service? How do you become irresistible to your ideal customer?




The origin of Human Design

Human Design is a holistic system based on several principles, such as Western astrology, The chakra system, Jewish Kaballa, Chinese I’Ching, Genetics, Biochemics, Astronomy, and Quantum Mechanics. Your unique Human Design chart is calculated with your birth time, date, and place.



Ra Uru Hu introduced human Design in 1987. The first thoughts about HD began during a special meeting between Ra and “the voice,” a far greater intelligence than he had ever experienced during his lifetime. The meeting with the voice lasted eight days and eight nights. During this time, Ra Uru Hu received knowledge about the future of humanity and the world we live in.

During the following 25 years, Ra has worked hard on translating the information he received from the voice, creating what is now the Human Design model we know.

I recommend you to watch this movie if you want to know everything about Ra’s mysterious experience.



Human Design chart

Let’s start by calculating your Human Design! You can do this very easily (and free), But first something important. It is essential to know your exact time of birth. Not using the right time of delivery may cause inaccuracies in your chart.

Once you have all the accurate information, you can calculate your Human Design chart with this link:

Your Bodyghraph will be shown after entering all your information. From here, you click “myBodygraphs” at the top of the page. Then click “chart properties” to view the essential information.

If you click on Rave Mandala under “view,” you can easily see all the various principles which together form your Bodygraph.




Human design centers

In the center of the page, you will find the Bodygraph. The first thing you’ll notice is the nine white and colored shapes. These shapes are based on the Chakra system. If you are familiar with Chakras, you may be wondering why there are nine centers instead of seven. This is because we went from a seven-centered human to a nine-centered human during the evolution in 1781. The nine together form the Human Design centers. The Human Design centers determine where you receive or send out energy.

Defined centers

Your energy flows uniquely through the defined (colored) centers. You can always depend on and have access to this energy.  In the centers of the HD chart lies your authentic self; they form an essential part of who you are.

Undefined centers

The undefined (white) centers are the regions where your environment influences you te most. You will not always have access to the energy of these centers. Instead, you collect the energy from others who have the centers defined. The undefined centers decide where others influence you most. The energy you absorb from others is then amplified and deformed – misunderstanding may occur. You will be dealing with discordant energy, which you cannot always rely on. This reliability depends on whom you have around you.

In the open centers, you are quickly inclined to think that the energy you feel is yours. However, this is not the case! When a center is open, you will feel only and always the energy of others. Though, this doesn’t mean you won’t have the energy of your undefined centers at your disposal. The transition of planets can also result in a temporarily defined center, but the energy will not always be present. But this openness caries a lot of wisdom in it. You will notice this in a reading.




A concise overview of the essential themes in the 9 Human Design centers.


Head center

The head center is the center for inspiration and ideas. Furthermore, it is the center that controls the desire to know everything. The inspiration center puts pressure on us to search for answers, to think, and understand.


Ajna center

The Ajna is the center for clear thinking, analysis, and information storage – it is the center that processes the information you receive from the Head center.

Throat center

The throat is the center of communication and manifestation. Energy from your body flows to the throat to express itself.


The G-center is the center of identity, direction, and love. The G tells us about who we are, where we stand, and where we are going. It works like a magnet that allows opportunities, people, places, and events to cross our paths naturally when you live according to your design!

Ego/heart center

The heart center is the center of willpower, motivation, and self-confidence. Although we often see the ego as a bad thing, it is not. Your ego hands you the will, motivation and confidence to achieve your goals.




Solar plexus center

All the emotions we experience as human beings occur in the solar plexus. It is essential to gain insight into the wave movement of these emotions. Time is your best friend in the solar plexus.

Sacral center

The sacral has tremendous power. It is the source of life force energy, including the capability of generating life. This center provides the strength and stamina needed to grow and develop.

Root center

This center stands for passion. The root center pressures us to evolve and adapt to the challenges the world presents. The pressure put on you by the root center causes what we experience as stress and/or adrenaline.

Spleen center

The spleen center is about intuitive knowing. Based on instinct, the spleen only works in the “now.” It is constantly scanning the environment and reacts based on instinct, intuition, and senses. Furthermore, the spleen center immediately sends a warning when something is wrong. It is also connected to your immune system, and it’s where our deep-seated fears are found and triggered.



Human Design gates

If you analyze your chart, your will notice several numbers within your centers. In Human Design, these numbers are called the gates, which are based on the Chinese I’Ching and consist of 64 hexagrams. These gates provide more specific insight into your qualities and pitfalls. The outer ring of the Mandala in your chart consists of the 64 hexagrams from I’Ching. In the second circle, you can see the 64 gates.

Human designs channels

The connections between the centers in your chart are lines that are based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; they show you which specific talents you have. When both gates connected to this line are defined, they form a so-called channel.


On the inner ring of your chart, you find the astrological zodiac signs that show where the sun, moon, and other planets were positioned 88 days before and during your birth. These exact positions determine the defined (colored) and undefined (white) centers in your HD chart.

Where to start with Human Design

You may have noticed by now how much information you can get out of Human Design. It is a beautiful but very complex system that is not about knowing or learning everything. It’s about living and experimenting with your design.

Remember, it is essential to read an HD chart in its entirety instead of learning loose parts of information. Everything in a graph is interrelated and forms, as a whole, your unique blueprint. It’s a complete design, not just a fairytale about a wolf, a castle, and a grandmother. It’s a FORMULA, you are a UNIQUE FORMULA.

It all starts with your energy type. Each type has a different way of using energy. But in addition, each type also has a different strategy, authority, non-self, and signature.



Energy type

To know your energy type is an essential part of Human Design as it is a foundation on which everything else is based. The centers that are defined determine which energy type you are. It shows how your aura works and how your energy is exchanged.

There are five different energy types in Human Design:

Generators (37%)

Manifesting Generators (33%)

Projectors (20%)

Manifestors (9%)

Reflectors (1%)

% = percentage of humanity

The aura determines the differences between the types. In this short video, Ra Uru Hu explains what an aura is and how it works!


Everything consists of energy, which is in a constant energetic trade. Each type has a specific way to use its energy, resulting in a natural flow and less resistance in your life and business.

The things you do will seem to manifest themselves almost effortlessly. However, when using the energy out of alignment, you may experience much more resistance. Your actions will be based on conditioning and the “not-self.” Everything you do seems complicated and costs much more energy than following your design. You are wasting energy only to see nothing in return for your efforts.

When you start using your energy correctly and begin to organize your life and business from alignment by removing all energetic resistance, things begin to feel effortless. Opportunities and possibilities return to your path, and you will get energy from the things you do. You will finally experience the satisfaction and freedom for which you started your company.



Your strategy shows you how to navigate your life best. By following your strategy, you live in alignment with your type and design. By following your plan, you’ll attract what you need to move forward. Each type has a different strategy which will be explained later on.

Inner authority

Your inner authority shows you how to make the best decisions. It is an internal compass that puts you on the right path. Human design shows that you don’t make choices with your mind. We are often taught to think carefully about our decisions. We have learned to analyze, to write down pros and cons, and to doubt our feelings. This is not strange and I will tell you why in a reading.

The mind, however, is designed to process information, not to make decisions. When you decide with your mind, you don’t make choices based on whom you are but based on a conditioned inner storage vault. All doubts, uncertainties, fears, and expectations from your environment are included in decision-making with your mind. Therefore, the mind is also called the “outer authority.” It is here to propagate, learn from others, and provide information.

Deciding against your inner voice and years of social conditioning may feel counterproductive, but it’s the path to follow for a less restrained life. According to Human Design, your choices are based on authority, and the defined centers determine that authority in your chart. It is the inner compass that helps you navigate your life when you listen carefully to your authority.

Emotional authority

You always have an emotional authority when the solar plexus is defined in your chart. You could view your emotions as a wave movement, showing (high) peaks and (deep) drops. Often you’ll have no idea where you are in that wave; that’s why you should never choose at the moment. The advice that applies to you is: sleep on it for a few nights and learn to surf on those waves.


Sacred authority

When your solar plexus is undefined, but your sacred centered is colored, you have a sacred authority. Your sacral center is based on your gut feeling, which allows decision-making at the current moment.  It is always good to ask yourself yes or no questions so that your sacred authority can respond to this.

Spleen authority

When your solar plexus and sacral center are undefined, but your spleen center is colored, you have spleen authority. The decisions you make are based on instinct; your intuition knows what is and is not suitable for you. If you listen carefully to this intuition, you will be able to make the right choices. The signals of your body are very fragile.

Ego authority

When the solar plexus, sacral, and spleen center are undefined (white), but your ego center is colored, you have an ego authority, which is all about what you want. The ego is the center of willpower, motivation, and desire in the materialistic world. That’s why you use this authority to make decisions based on what you want. You accept invitations that bring you closer to your desires, goals, dreams.

G authority

When the solar plexus, sacral, spleen, and ego center are undefined, but your G is colored, you have a G authority. You will know which choice to make by hearing yourself talk or think about a subject. You may discuss your ideas with someone else or have an inner conversation. However, it is not about other opinions or advice but your feeling by having this dialogue. Ask yourself the question if you can identify yourself with the situation.

Mental authority

When everything below the throat center is white/ undefined, you have a mental authority, which means you have to talk to others to clarify the choices you have to make. It would be best if you heard yourself speak before things make sense to you. Therefore, it is less about the inner dialogue. Use your environment as a sounding board, and you will find they answers by speaking.


No authority/ Lunar authority

Reflectors have no authority because all nine centers are undefined. A reflector should wait for an entire moon cycle (28 days)  before making important decisions. Awaiting a complete moon cycle is unnecessary for minor decisions and only valid for choices that significantly impact relationships, work, and other impacting life changes.



The not-self is the feeling you experience when you’re not living according to your design and instead listen too much to the world’s conditioning around you. It is a sign that you don’t live according to your design – a signal from your body indicates that it’s time for a change. It’s based on the mind – or conditioning. Not on the True self.


Your signature explains the feeling you experience when you’re on the right path and live in alignment with your design. You’ll notice you’re in a good flow and achieve the goals you want to accomplish.





A generator always has a defined sacral center. Furthermore, none of the motor centers (heart/ ego, sacral, solar plexus, root) are connected to the throat center.

If you are a generator, you are here to dance with life and follow your desires and dreams to do what lights you up.

(Manifesting) generators are the only energy types with a defined sacral center, the center with life and workforce energy. Through this center, you have access to a consistent energy source. That energy is created when you dance with life and do what excited. However, if this is not the case, a Generator can also be tired, lifeless, or burned out.

Generators are society’s hustlers and doers. No matter what kind of work you do, as long as you enjoy – something that energizes you and makes you happy. If you do something you love and enjoy, you create your energy. This energy ensures a positive effect on the people in your environment. The signature for a Generator is, therefore, satisfaction.


As a Generator, you’re not made to initiate, only to wait and respond to things that come your way. Generators have a magnetic aura that attracts life. As a result, everything comes your way to respond to.

Generators often feel the pressure to do things, initiate, take action, and chase goals. The power, however, lies in waiting for something to come your way so you can respond to it.

The gut feeling is essential because that’s where the sacral center is located. This center will turn on when something energizes you. If this is not the case, it’s a sign that there is no energy to start it.


When you don’t live according to your design, initiate, or listen to your sacredness, you’ll eventually have to deal with your not-self; frustration.

The feeling of frustration can be translated into feeling down, heavy, or bored. It also means that your energy gets frustrated, which means your energy no longer flows smoothly.

Energy no longer flows when you feel uninspired and annoyed. Life is “meh,” and getting things done takes a lot of effort and energy. This feeling signifies that you’re not living in alignment.


You know you’re on the right track when you experience satisfaction, which can express itself as enthusiasm, a sense of life, and joy.



Manifesting generator

The same information applies to a generator for the manifesting generator in terms of type, strategy, signature, and not-self. Read the chapter about generators to find more information. However, be aware that there are several differences!

The first difference lies in the defined centers. Like a generator, a manifesting generator also has a defined sacral center. However, the manifesting generator directly connects with a motor center (heart/ ego, sacral, emotion, root), which a generator has not.

As a manifesting generator, you are a natural multi-passionate person who possibly has many different interests. It is okay to pursue every one of these interests – even when society calls for only one choice.

Generators are often not linear. You don’t move from A to B to C; instead, you go from B to C to A – a widespread and regular thing for manifesting generators. You are not here to follow a linear path. You exist to show others it’s okay to do something different, be all over the place, and have multiple interests.


Because you are a combination of a manifestor and a generator, it sometimes feels like you want to move at two different speeds. You have the desire of the manifestor to go very fast, but simultaneously you have the generator which tells you to stand still and wait for the right gut feeling. However, you still have a generator strategy, meaning you should always listen to the gut feeling. Furthermore, it is essential, just like with manifestors, to inform your environment about what you plan on doing.




A manifestor has an undefined sacral center and a connection from the throat to a motor center. ( solar plexus, root, or ego)

You are a real king/ queen. You are independent and naturally very powerful. You can initiate new things and are here to form a movement. You were made to impact others and the world, start new ideas and bring about change. Manifestors are the only type that is here to initiate. Furthermore, you are not here to work on someone else’s dreams but to work on your own.

Manifestors are non-energy beings, which means you don’t have consistent access to energy. Yet, a manifestor is given the energy needed to initiate and create. This happens through urges and needs – a primal force within yourself. These urges release energy which allows you to do your thing. These short bursts of energy are enough for manifestors to create something new. However, you cannot hold this energy for long. After such an energy burst, you often need rest to recharge.


The strategy of a manifestor is to inform. The aura of manifestors has a significant impact on others. However, this aura does not communicate very well, which creates a mystery around the manifestor. People are often not sure what to expect from you because you can be pretty unpredictable. Your unpredictability can establish fear in people around you unconsciously, often triggering them to try and control you.

The last thing you want as a manifestor is to feel that your environment constantly tries to control you and get the feeling that they are the way of everything you do and try to slow you down. This is why informing the people around you is so crucial for them to understand.


For manifestors, the not-self emotion is anger. When you don’t inform people about your plans, you will encounter much resistance from your environment. You are hindered, blocked, or controlled in what you want to do, which ultimately causes anger.

Your anger may trigger a variety of emotion or reactions such as; feeling like the whole world is against you, people trying to tell you what to do, people don’t let you be yourself, others can’t tell you what to do, this anger can also manifest itself because you feel powerless.


A manifestor’s signature feeling is peace, a sense of tranquility. It is the sensation that you can do whatever you want without anyone trying to obstruct you and no one to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.



A projector has an open sacral and no direct connection from the solar plexus, root, or ego to the throat. All other centers can be defined.

The manifestors and (manifesting) generators are energy types; they are here to create energy. But a projector is a non-energy type. That’s why you’re not here to work hard, push and grind. However, society may make you believe this. Don’t try to keep up with energy types, as this will cause you to burn out.

You are not here to create energy. You are here to create change, to improve, and to make things more efficient. The greatest gift of a projector is to see things in a way that others cannot. A projector is like a bird on a branch; you see the bigger picture. You can see if things go well and how to get things done. You are here to guide, lead, and direct others.



It is essential to know that not everyone is awaiting your insights and wisdom. When you share your ideas without anyone asking for them, people may stop listening or interacting with you, and they may find you annoying.

The strategy for a projector is, therefore, awaiting recognition and invitation. Awaiting an invite doesn’t mean you should sit back, waiting for someone to knock on your door or for that golden envelope in your mailbox. It simply means you should keep developing your unique skills and knowledge, which you will then radiate and project to the outside world. As a result, people will recognize you for your qualities and hand you the invitation to take action.


For projectors, the not-self emotion is bitterness. It is the sense of not being seen or heard or the feeling that you are overworked. You feel ignored by the outside world, which causes you to experience and inner resentment or a tense mood.


The signature feeling of a projector is success, the sense of recognition and appreciation for who you are. This feeling can be triggered by something small like receiving a compliment, or something more significant, like an invitation.


Reflectors are easily recognizable because all of their nine centers are undefined!

Like the projectors, reflectors are also non-energy types, meaning they are not here to create energy.

The most significant task of a reflector is to show us how we do as a society. They are, as it were, a mirror for humanity who can show us what works and what doesn’t.

Because all your centers are open, you are incredibly sensitive to outside influences and conditioning. In addition to your most significant limitation, this is also your greatest strength and wisdom. Because all your centers are entirely open, you can relate to others incredibly well – you almost become the other. You feel everything the other senses, only more intensely, making you the perfect mirror for other people and society.

When you accept yourself entirely as you are and let go of the idea of ​​“who you should be,” you are the wisest source of wisdom for society. You can show us how we do it as a person and as a society.

It is essential to spend time alone for a reflector to release all energies and conditioning of the environment. The natural state of a reflector is calm, calm, and collected. All other feelings and emotions are a reflection of what is going on in the environment.


The strategy for a reflector is to wait for an entire moon cycle before making important decisions. This means you have to wait 28 days before your process of emotions is complete to make well-considered decisions.

Not -self

Disappointment is a reflector’s not-self. Life is no longer exciting and becomes too predictable for you.


Your open centers make you a chameleon – you blend into your environment. You make every situation a new surprise. Surprise is, therefore, the signature of a reflector. You never know what’s about to happen, and this is a good thing for you.