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Human Design


If you know who you are then;


  • you can accept yourself

  • you will experience less conflict within yourself

  • you can spend energy on what suits you

  • you can spend energy on what you are good at

  • you can come to full bloom


So you will experience more peace in your life, and get more satisfaction from what you do. I also believe that knowing your design enables you to make the choices that are right for you, so that you can better come into your own.






The more people are aware of their uniqueness the better!


You can see Human Design as a fusion of the greatest esoteric systems and modern science. In Human Design, for example, you can find elements of the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah and chakra teachings, but also of modern fields such as physics, astronomy, genetics and biochemistry. That is nice to know, but the most important thing is what you get out of such a picture.

Your Human Design
contains a wealth of information about who you are and what the themes and blockages in your life are. Your qualities can also be found in your Human Design. Because of the many layers in the system, you can already extract valuable information from the layer that lies closest to the surface. But you can also get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Understanding your chart is a path to discovering new truths and information about yourself. With this information you can begin a journey of self-knowledge, self-discovery and personal growth.

What will it bring you?
I am convinced that you can live a happier life if you really know yourself. Understand yourself, accept yourself and get the best out of yourself because you know where your strength lies, and what you are here on earth for. 

"Do not believe me, do not trust me,

but test this knowledge for yourself."

Ra Uru Hu


The knowledge of Human Design
is practical and applicable in daily life. And I am happy to help you understand the basics.


Human Design your blueprint

There is already so much known about Human Design! Maybe you already know your unique blueprint, but it is also possible that human design is completely new for you! In the latter case, I recommend you to download your chart first. 

Human Design is about decision-making.

How can you make correct decisions as yourself? Without conditioning?

What would your life be like if you only made decisions as yourself?



No Type is designed to make decisions from the head. Each type has to wait for a specific chemistry and wisdom in the body before they can act correctly. If you let your body inform you and surrender to it, life will be effortless.  Follow your own strategy and listen to your inner Authority.

When you start pushing, pulling and forcing, you find that this often results in frustration and anger, this is what we call ''the Not Self''. You are trying to be someone you cannot be! Go with the flow, and listen to your body!




Human design

There are a number of elements that are very important within human design!

Making Choices

Learn to make the right decisions

From out of your uniqueness


In combination with your strongest inner centre


Nothing is right or wrong

But energy is dualistic

Plus & Minus

Living fully to your true potential

True self


Towards a more relaxed future

In which the mind may assume a different role

Not self


About me

My name is Lindsay Hugers. In the past few years, I've really dived into human design. On the one hand, you could say that I have gained a lot of knowledge, and that I am probably an expert. And on the other hand, the deeper I dive into human design, the more I feel that I know NOTHING. People who, like me, also have a lot of ''knowledge'' about human design, know exactly what I am talking about. That has everything to do with the depth that lies behind the whole concept.

In recent years, I have been trained in Human Design. That is to say, I have done the various training courses;

  • Living your design

  • Rave ABC

  • Rave Catogrpahy.

From this knowledge I would like to teach you more.

What can I do for you

Being a projector myself, it is quite natural for me to immerse myself in your chart and personal situation. My sessions are always one-on-one.

You decide how much you want to learn.
It always starts with a reading! 

Do you want more? Then it is possible to have separate coaching sessions which will be completely human design related.

DOWNN the rabit hole....
Before you know it, you'll lose yourself in all the material there is! It is all very interesting! Human design is not for everyone. It doesn't have to be! And at the same time... By now, I am so convinced of the insights it can bring you, that I like to share Human Design and give it a stage.

Every day, I immerse myself more and more in Human Design. And what I feel passionate about is making and explaining composites.  A composite is a combination of 2 charts. So this can be for example your chart in combination with your partner. But also with your parents, your brothers and sisters, and your children. The beauty of making a composition is, that besides giving a lot of insights about yourself, it gives even more insights into each other. Every person is unique, and every interaction is therefore different.



In a composite reading you will see that you come closer to each other. You get to know each other, so there is more understanding and acceptance of each other's uniqueness and differences. If you want a compostite for yourself and your child(ren), it will give you a lot of insights into the way you raise your children. Small tips and tricks can create so much peace and space within the family.


A composite reading for your relationship is only possible if you have both had a reading before.


Do you want a composite reading that deepens your reading? For example of you and your child? Ask for an individual reading first.

Book a Human Design Retreat

Even better; come to Tenerife and book your individual or corporate retreat. On the retreat page you will find more information about the retreats in general. The retreat, the price, the meals, and the accommodation are all described here.


When you choose for a Human Design retreat, we will go deep into the subject of human design in 5 or 10 days.


Does that appeal to you? When you book this retreat, let us know that you want to know everything about Human Design, and we will tailor the whole retreat to that!

These people were already here

Review by Dorothy I. 5 daagse Retraite

May 7, 2022 | "Life Changing"

I liked everything from my video call with Willian before my trip to my stay at the retreat with Lindsay, Willian and the boys. Both Willian and Lindsay took care of all my needs during my stay. My bed was comfortable, the food delicious and the view beautiful.



My sessions with both Willian and Lindsay were intense, giving me many answers and healing. At almost 70 years of age, I can honestly say that my experience on their farm (magic mountain) has been life-changing, for which I am eternally grateful.


I can think of nothing less positive, as the place and the hosts exceeded all my expectations.

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