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From now online

More than 15 years of experience in self-care and personal development


Online course platform: there is always a course you can start right away


There are both year-round courses and courses with a specific start date.


All courses are created and taught by Willian and Lindsay themselves

Willian and Lindsay give courses in which they have a lot of experience themselves. Therefore, there will be many practical examples in the courses.


The course includes videos, assignments, audio files and detailed descriptions of the material.


Because everyone works in a different way, the courses are offered in such a way that it works fine for everyone. You can watch the videos, listen to the audios and read everything back at your leisure.


Willian and Lindsay have been organising Retreats based on self-development together in Tenerife for 5 years.


In the past years Willian and Lindsay guided no less than 50 individual retreats in Tenerife. By always being personally attuned, and at the same time seeing the similarities in the individuals, they know as no other how to get to the point quickly.


The cheapest course is 47 euros.


Not everyone can afford to travel to Tenerife, but fortunately we can also teach you from your seat at home.


Learn everything about your unique design in this individual reading. 

  •  In 2hours all highlights of your personal chart

  • We will record the meeting, so you are able to watch and listen to it as much as you like.


Bookable all year round

Human Design reading


Review by Dorothy I. 5 daagse Retraite

May 7, 2022 | "Life Changing"

I liked everything from my video call with Willian before my trip to my stay at the retreat with Lindsay, Willian and the boys. Both Willian and Lindsay took care of all my needs during my stay. My bed was comfortable, the food delicious and the view beautiful.



My sessions with both Willian and Lindsay were intense, giving me many answers and healing. At almost 70 years of age, I can honestly say that my experience on their farm (magic mountain) has been life-changing, for which I am eternally grateful.


I can think of nothing less positive, as the place and the hosts exceeded all my expectations.

Human Design 

The 11 basic principles you need to know to understand your unique chart!


Incl. extensive reading of 2 hours.


Participation possible from Oktober



9 Meditations to bring your unconscious patterns to the surface.



Available from Oktober

Retreat moments

How to build a successful retreat centre


- 21 Steps to a successful retreat centre

- Organising retreats

- Abroad

- Retreat Coaching


Next participation round starts in January 2023

Projector life

Learn to live and do business like a real projector in 15 steps!



Next participation round starts in November

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