I've did a 10-day retreat at Willian & Lindsay. In addition to a wonderful stay at the Lotus Yurt and the delicious food from Lindsay, with sensible and pleasant conversations at the table, this retreat brought me a lot.

When I went to Tenerife, I got through quite a bit. My doctor even gave me the label "burn out". I felt tired, without energy, not understood and also a bit lonely in my life. Through the coaching conversations with Willian and the conversations in between with Lindsay, I became aware of my patterns and survival strategies. In this way I started to see how much I always did my best to please other people or to help them. And when I needed support or help, disappointment often followed.

I have become aware of why I apply these patterns and survival strategies in my life. I have come to realize that it is completely okay to let the other person follow his or her own path and learn their own lessons without having to play the "savior in need". I have come to realize that I hoped that it would bring me appreciation and recognition and that in the end it almost always ended in disappointment on my part. I have learned to let the other to the other, to say 'no' more often, to indicate my limits and to state what MY needs really are. The process involves trial and error, but the method I learned to look at my behavior, to realize what I actually expect in return, and that very often it turned out to be disappointment ... opened my eyes.

Step by step I now learn to think more about myself and to be less dependent on the approval of others and to have more appreciation for myself. And all that in less than 10 days on the mountain at Willian and Lindsay!

Oh ..... and as far as the loneliness piece is concerned ... I have met a wonderful sweet guy that makes me totally happy!

I therefore heartily recommend the Relaxperience retreat by Lindsay & Willian and have actually, quickly, concretely and practically helped me to look back on my life optimistically. Step by step.''

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