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Create the reality of your dreams

What's your dream? What would you like to see in your life and your reality of today?

Do you still dare to dream? Do you dare to fantasize about how you would like to spend your life?

Do you dream of living in nature? With less stress, fewer obligations, more space for yourself, your partner, your children. Personal space to do what you enjoy?

Do you dream of living with nature? Growing your own vegetables with your paws in the earth, listening to the stories of the wind in the trees, gazing at the birds of prey that hunt over the area.

Do you dream of living with your very nature? Your human nature: free, in peace, space, filling in your day with what is coming your way at that moment? Back to the basic elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water like our ancestors and yet with the necessary modern facilities at hand to make things a little easier?

Do you still dare to dream?

We once had this dream. Now 2 years later we live this dream. Here on Tenerife in the middle of the mountains and nature. With our children, our animals, our own natural reserve, with our own vegetable garden to be. With a wonderful climate, forests and mountains and a view over the ocean "to die for" as a guest once described it.

Dream to reality

Our dream is now our reality. Is everything going smoothly and do we live completely carefree?

Of course not. Every reality brings its own challenges, including ours: a foreign country, a foreign culture and language, bureaucracy, workmen who don't show up, regular repairs, emergency repairs, setting up our own business with 2 small children who demand their attention, generate income to stay here. You name it.

Dreaming means fears will show up

What we do realize is that shaping our dream simultaneously confronts us with our greatest fears. With our biggest personal processes that we can still engage with ourselves.

The fear of being judged by others (e.g. reviews from guests, Facebook comments), the fear that we might not be able to make it here, the fear of placing our little son Bo in a completely strange school where he does not speak the language, the fear of unforeseen expenses because we live on a 100-year-old farm including 20 years of overdue maintenance, the fact that here too we experience that goodness and kindness invites others to abuse it.

Overcoming fears

Realizing dreams is first of all about overcoming fears. Overcoming fears that prevent you from being completely free.

Being free in the sense of living without or with as few fears as possible. To be free in the sense of living in complete confidence and the patience that we may receive what we need to further develop our dream.

We are well on the way, we dare to say!

Dream challenge

And you? Do you still dare to dream?

Do you dare to get started with your dreams and, in the first place, to take on your inner challenges with yourself?

Your uncertainties, finding yourself worthwhile to create the life of your dreams?

Your fear of shortages in money, energy, matter? You fear the opinions of your environment?

What are your excuses for not living the life you dream of or ever dreamed of?

Do you dare to take on the challenge?

Or do you leave everything as it is until you are old and gray and look back with frustration at everything that you did not dare to engage. Out of fear?

Do you still dare to dream? Do you dare to realize it? To manifest?

Dreams come true. Guaranteed.

But you can not pour water into a bucket if there is still a lid on it. And you are the one who can take this lid off your bucket. We help you. From our own knowledge and experience. We did it, we do it, we show you how you can do that too.


1. Of course you are very welcome to come over and experience the natural life with us in Tenerife and find out if it is also something for you. Do you want to stay here 10-14-30 days? Everything is possible.

Experience it, relaxperience it and decide whether you like this way of living or not.

2. A second option is that we work together through our E-spiration concept. In that cas we work together, remotely and via email and video calling, to get your dream clear and especially the inner obstacles that have prevented you from making your dream your reality.

You know where to find us.

We are FreeCanari spreading our wings in freedom.

Join us, if you dare.

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