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Workaway, Joris

Staying with Lindsay and William was my 4th workaway address but my first address where I really felt that the owners care about you as a volunteer and didn't saw you just as cheap labour (experiences I had with other workaway places). I had a private, nice and clean place to stay, the food was good and most important: they have a very nice place up in the mountains. My main work was helping with renovation of the Finca since they just moved in when I arrived and have beautiful dream in making a retreat here. Even though there was no running water and fixed electricity when i was here, we had a nice camping shower and an aggregate for power in the evening which was easily enough for me. It's a quiet place where you can really enjoy the pureness of the nature, or learn how to enjoy it, and you can easily share thoughts and experiences with Lindsay and William, who have both very interesting views about life and have both coaching skills which I really enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this place if you like to be remote by yourself, are eager to help the owners, and still want to have nice company from the owners (and their lovely kid and crazy Labrador dog). Thanks Wiliam and Lindsay and I whish you the very best with the Free Canary project!

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