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Retreat Tenerife

3-5-7-10 or 20Day One-on-one 
Inspirational, Motivational, Transformational
Spiritual-Realistic Retreat in Tenerife

Intensive Individual and Personalized Retreat Spain- Tenerife

During our time here in Tenerife, Free Canari has received over 50 private retreat guests who made their journey to their natural paradise. More than 50 people chose to change their lives for the better and take control of who they are.
You now stand on the spot where they once stood, deciding your direction in life and finding someone who can guide you in your process of inner growth.

Are you ready for the transformation of a lifetime?

We think you know the answer to that question already,
so let's have a look at what we do.


'' This requires a no-nonsense approach;

Reflection-Self-inquiry -Rest - Spiritual - realistic ''

What makes this retreat so unique


In an overwhelmingly beautiful natural environment on Tenerife

The entire retreat is individual and personal

One on One

in-depth and enlightening coaching one on one


Daily individual guided meditations


Universal chakra healing


Reading & support according your design

Human Design

Family- or energy- constellations

Family Constallations

Digital Detox

No phone - No internet

the retreats and the program

We would be very pleased to welcome and work with you on your retreat at our beautiful place up in the lush green and sunny mountains of Tenerife.
We will dedicate ourselves completely to you and your process of working yourself through any life´s challenges you may encounter at this moment in your life.


We will dive deeper and deeper into your story, struggles, dreams and desires while our caring and very personally involved guidance will help you to dig deeper into yourself.
This allows us to eliminate the old patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you or withhold you from happiness and inner-peace.
We will dig and dig deeper together, until we strike your inner-treasure of being your true Self.


In the meantime, let nature do its calming magic.
We learn you to listen to your body and to focus on what is right for you.


During this profound and exclusive program, we will support you in understanding your difficulties and teach you how to make better decisions from your heart.
The program will be personal and one on one but you will certainly not be alone or feel lonely.


We have a wide variety of methods and tools to guide you through your retreat; we follow your process and our intuition, heart and feelings, to apply them at the best moment for you.
We will always set high goals on the best and sustainable positive results with respect to whatever life has thrown at you until now.


We will guide you in profound one-on-one sessions such as
*intuitive coaching,
*guided meditations,
* family- and energy constellations,
*energy- and Ho´oponopono treatments,
*connecting to and working with energy frequencies (Law of Attraction),
*Human Design.

By combining all our knowledge, 15 years of experience in coaching and therapy, more than 50 individual retreats and our sincere, deep involvement in you and your life, we offer you the gift of mind-blowing and transformational tools and insights that will positively change you for the rest of your life for sure.

The retreat addresses and brings solutions for:

*Setting boundaries; put yourself on a no.1 priority in a healthy way

*Learn how to set your goals and go for it with drive, confidence, enthusiasm and passion, knowing perfectly well what you want in life

*Learn how to Be more comfortable in the here and now

* Dealing with the (high) sensitive person you are and the emotions you face

To ensure that, we provide you with the best results from our own extended life experience.

We always go as deep as possible and continuously adapt to your needs.