Retreat Tenerife

This retreat is really suitable for you

If you want to tackle a specific challenge in your life in terms of work, income, relationships, (mental) health or meaning.


Our program with accompanying treatments is completely tailored to you.

In doing so, we are able to take fully in account your

issues, your life questions, but also the type of person you are.

We look at your capacities, your wishes and your goals at this moment in your life.


'' This requires a no-nonsense approach;

Reflection-Self-inquiry -Rest - Spiritual - realistic ''

What makes this retreat so unique


In an overwhelmingly beautiful natural environment on Tenerife

The entire retreat is individual and personal

One on One

in-depth and enlightening coaching one on one


Daily individual guided meditations


Universal chakra healing


Reading & support according your design

Human Design

Family- or energy- constellations

Family Constallations

Digital Detox

No phone - No internet

Personal individual retreat

During your 5 or 10 day stay we will work intensively. Personal and individual, exclusively with you, focused on you and the issues that concern you now.


At the start of the retreat, we make a realistic plan together with regard to your challenges and goals that you want to work on. We then adjust our approach accordingly. We do this on the basis of intuition and methods that we have in our package.


We dive into the depth so that you will receive many new insights. We offer you tools for the issues that are at play in your life now, so that you can get started practically.


We will work with your challenges / goals & wishes / dreams, and do not lose sight of reality and your realistic circumstances.



                                                       '' We look for possibilities; not to impossibilities.'' 


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Our Power Potential goals for you

Show answers to life questions and very enlightening insights that bring you much closer to yourself.


Clear, clear, powerful and honest.

We will not tell you anything that we have not experienced ourselves, we will not show you anything without being an example. Clear, crisp and remarkably effective.


All the knowledge, experience and wisdom that you can apply to your situation so that they can bring you what they have been able to bring us: more peace, more freedom, more space and therefore more happiness.

So that you are energetic, enthusiastic, motivated and full of power and insights into your potential to get started with the rest of your life and your future.


From now on you are much better able to make choices for yourself and choices for your happiness.


Full of motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and confidence.