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In our retreats, we meet many people that are very tired. Mentally tired. They tried to fit into their environment or society, and it did not work out well. It has exhausted them.

In a way, we all once tried to fit in, to meet the expectations that we thought our environment or society has of us.

The sensitive part in them, the intuitive part in them, the soft and vulnerable part in them but also the spiritual part in them is hidden and tucked away deeply.
This blog is about rebalancing the masculine and feminine energy: about going from DOING to BEING and in the end, about going from FEAR to LOVE.

20 -10-2022


Human Nature (EN): our actual human nature is peace, tranquility, kindness.
Why and how do we keep getting pulled away from that?
In this meditation we are going to see how this state of calmness, often contrasts with your usual reality.


The usual reality of everyday life, because of triggers that are fired at you.

By someone or something. To disturb your peace of mind and to drag you away from your natural state of being: gentleness, being peaceful, kind, calm, loving

To get carried away in your unnatural state of being: anger, stress, worries, distant, hurt.

What happened? And why does this happen so easily?

1 Human Nature ENWillian Kirchner
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